GMC Hummer EV’s Taillights Priced At Over $6,000 A Pair!


The new GMC Hummer EV is one of the most sought-after SUVs on the market today. That’s just one reason that we’ve seen one example after another trade hands for far more than their original MSRP. Now, we’re learning that a pair of taillight housings for the Hummer EV is worth some five percent of the behemoth’s total MSRP.

First spotted by the folks over at The Drive, a Facebook group centered around GMC’s most powerful SUV ever featured a threat that dropped the expensive taillight bomb. “Had a shocker today. A new passenger side rear light for the Hummer EV; $4,040 just to buy it!” said the short but polarizing post. That might sound like a joke but evidently, these housings do indeed cost as much as a clapped-out Mazda Miata.

The actual MSRP on each taillight housing is a whopping $3,045.48 before shipping, installation, or other ancillary costs. With all these included, the grand total rises to an absurd $6,090.96. To put that into perspective, anybody could walk into a BMW Motorrad dealer and buy a base G 310 R motorcycle for its $4,995 MSRP and still have more than $1,000 to play with for the same amount that it’ll cost to replace the GMC Hummers tail lights should the need arise.

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And the need could very well come up at some point in the not-too-distant future. GMC has already had to issue one recall regarding the Hummers taillights. While that recall only included ten vehicles, other recent GM products like the Yukon are well known for LED tail light failure.

At this stage, there are a number of factors that are likely keeping the price of Hummer EV taillights high, including the fact that there aren’t all that many of them floating around. At the same time, it seems unbelievable that a safety-critical component like a taillight doesn’t have a considerably less expensive replacement option available.


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