Go Overlanding With This $7,700 Pop-Up Tent For The Ford Maverick


The popular Ford Maverick has become that much more practical for overlanding adventures, thanks to the launch of a new platform camper from aftermarket supplier GFC.

The $7,700 platform camper has a 7.5-foot-tall pop-up living space and a 50-inch x 90-inch sleeping surface. It comes with a two-layer foam mattress and can easily fold away.

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A lightweight and strong aluminum frame is used for the camper and it sports three side panels that can be raised and locked. There is also a modular floor with a removable section that creates a pass-through, meaning you can stand in the truck bed. Car and Driver notes that the camper’s roof is also made from a translucent composite material to reflect the sun and diffuse light.

All up, the camper weighs 255 lbs (115 kg), just a fraction of the Maverick’s 1,500 lb (680 kg) payload rating.

GFC says each of its platform campers for the Maverick is made to order and that it can be made in eight weeks. The standard camper has been designed to fit most midsize pickup trucks, so it’s not just Maverick owners that can enjoy it. Customers can install the camper themselves or they can have it installed by GFC at its facility in Bozeman, Montana.

Those not willing to spend $7,700 on the platform camper have the option of the cheaper $3,900 platform rooftop tent from GFC that is said to be “thinner, lighter, and more versatile” than a typical rooftop tent.


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