Going, Going, Gong: Woman Celebrating Purchase Of First Car Kicks Gong Onto New Nissan Maxima


Buying your first car is a big deal, but sometimes it’s not a smooth process.

That’s especially true these days thanks to skyrocketing inflation and low inventory levels. However, TikTok’s Summar Marie faced an entirely different set of issues.

In a clip noticed by Tire Meets Road, a Sunridge Nissan salesperson makes an over-the-top announcement celebrating Summar’s purchase of a Versa. While that would have been embarrassing enough for most people, the salesperson then directed her to kick the massive gong that resides in the middle of the showroom.

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Buying my first car went… embarrassing, to say the least ? watch until the end! #bigkick #belairdirectdrivechallenge #trending #fyp #nissan #embarrassing #foryou #canada #firstcar

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Following a countdown, Summar kicks the gong and things quickly take a turn for the worse. Instead of loudly ringing out, the stand holding the gong tips over and smashes onto the hood of a Nissan Maxima, before falling to the ground.

Everyone appears stunned in the initial aftermath, but the salesperson made a valiant effort to catch the gong. While this was ultimately unsuccessful, the dealership soon burst into laughter as this is certainly something you don’t see every day.

Summar appears to be able to see the humor in the situation and an apparent dealership employee commented on the video saying, “I can honestly attest that no car was harmed in the making of this video. There was a rubber smudge, but it came right off. No scratch or dent!” Summar backed this account up by saying this “is what actually happened to the car.” As for the gong, maybe it should be long gone.


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