Google Shutting Down Android’s Assistant Driving Mode


Google is shutting down its Assistant Driving Mode dashboard just 13 months after it was released.

The system was first unveiled at I/O 2019 before being introduced in September 2021 and was conceived as a car-optimized experience for Android Auto. The dashboard features quick access to audio controls, shortcuts for calling and texting, media suggestions, and Google Maps navigation.

It was originally believed that Google had introduced Assistant Driving Mode as a successor to the standalone Android Auto app.

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However, the technology giant has revealed that the majority of Android users have been using the Driving Mode already integrated into Google Maps, rather than the Assistant Driving Mode dashboard. Assistant Driving Mode can be accessed through the Assistant by saying ‘Hey Google, launch Driving Mode.’ The app can also be pinned to users’ home screens.

The Assistant Driving Mode will be shut down on November 21.

Engadget rightly notes that many Android users may not have even known that Assistant Driving Mode existed. Heck, I’m a Google Pixel user and didn’t even know about it, despite using the Driving Mode available through the Google Maps app itself. Evidently, Google didn’t promote the feature as well as it could have.



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