Gordon Murray’s T.33 Is Street Legal In The U.S. Thanks To $33 Million Investment


Gordon Murray has confirmed that the T.33 supercar is completely street legal in the U.S. and will not have to be imported under the show-or-display rule like the more powerful and expensive T.50.

The small car manufacturer brought along both the T.33 and T.50 models to Monterey Car Week where Murray himself confirmed that $33 million was spent in ensuring the T.33 meets all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and crash requirements. The car’s 3.9-liter naturally aspirated V12 also needed to comply with drive-by noise standards.

While the T.33 shares its lightweight platform with the T.50, it isn’t a three-seater and instead adopts a more traditional two seat design. The engine has also been tweaked through new camshafts, a bespoke intake, and a new exhaust so that it pumps out 606 hp and 332 lb-ft (451 Nm) of torque, which is less than the 654 hp and 344 lb-ft (467 Nm) of the T.50.

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Gordon Murray Automotive will build just 100 examples of the T.33 and despite it costing an eye-watering $1.9 million, the car sold out soon after it was announced a few months ago.

A number of other models are being developed by the British company. Indeed, speaking with Car and Driver, Gordon Murray said another two models are in the pipeline and that the company has already mapped out its future into next decade. Not only will the addition of new models mean even more customers can enjoy a piece of GMA but growing its portfolio was important for it to achieve its current prices. In fact, Murray said that had the company only built 100 T.50s and then called it a day, it would have had to sell each one for £10 million ($11.75 million).


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