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Gran Turismo 7 Producer Announces 25th Anniversary Update Coming This Week


Another update is on its way for Gran Turismo 7, and this time it’s likely to be a big one. The update was announced by producer Kazunori Yamauchi this weekend on Twitter, along with a photo of three darkened cars.

That suggests that the update, which Yamauchi said will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the famed racing simulation series, will come with at least three new vehicles. It is hard, though, to know precisely what the vehicles will be because of the darkened nature of the photos.

From top to bottom, though, the new models appear to be a late model Nissan Silvia S14 “Aero”, a Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, and an F87 BMW M2. The first model (though still a guess) may be an interesting choice, since Gran Turismo 7 just added the pre-facelift S14 Silvia to the game in September.

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With previous updates, Polyphony studio has always added more content to the game along with the cars, whether that’s new challenges in the single-player mode, new backgrounds for the photo editor mode, or other features.

Although the game has added a new track once (and some new track layouts on a second occasion), it has been notably slow to add circuits to the game. As this update celebrates the series’ 25th anniversary, it may look to add a large piece of content like that.

Since the game was released, players have also been waiting for a car selling feature that was teased in March. The function has yet to be added to the game, though, and this could be a good opportunity to do just that.

Somewhat strangely, this is actually a bit of an early present for the series, whose anniversary should actually be celebrated on the 23rd of December, according to GT Planet. Maybe the studio didn’t want to compete with the other new games that players might have after Christmas and opted to introduce this update early instead.


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