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Happy Tanks-Giving! Massachusetts Car Dealer Giving Away $50,000 Of Fuel


Gas prices in the first months of 2022 were no laughing matter, but when Ernie Boch Jr. declared that he was giving away thousands of free gallons to Massachusetts drivers, many people believed his “April Fuels Day” stunt was just a joke.

But Boch was deadly serious on that occasion, and he’s at it again. His latest giveaway is named “Tanks-Giving” and is perfectly timed to allow drivers to fill up before the holiday weekend.

The giveaway is once again taking place at the Rojo Irving gas station in Norwood, Mass, and kicked off shortly after Boch tweeted the good news around 8 am this morning. Media coverage seems to offer conflicting information over exactly how much fuel Boch its giving away, with some suggesting $50,000 worth of gas, and others claiming 50,000 gallons, even in the same article.

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Clearly one of those numbers is wrong and given that 50,000 gallons at the regular local price of $3.79 per gallon would be worth an eye-watering $189,500, we suspect the 50,000-gallon figure is the rogue one. But $50,000 of gas is still one hell of a giveaway, and would mean Boch handing out far more than the 7,000 gallons of gas he distributed at his April Fuels Day event. Representatives for the Norwood gas station owner say the stunt is limited to $75 limit per person, but that should mean most people arriving in normal cars will get to drive off with their tanks fully brimmed.

Fuel prices have fallen in the second half of 2022, but it still costs far more to fill a   tank than it did last year, while inflation has pushed up the prices of other goods, leaving many families with less available cash to spend on gas.


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