Happy Thanksgiving To One And All! Now, Who Topped The Turkey Chart Of 2022?


Well, we made it. If you’re reading this, you’ve lasted until Thanksgiving, and we’re here to say congratulations! Thanks for sharing some of your year with us, we think that speaks highly of you. Not everyone has been so smart this year, though, and we’d like everyone to do that thing that brings us together like nothing else: point and laugh.

This has, I think we can all agree, been a dizzying year, but it has also been a distinctly more normal year than recent ones, which means we can stop being exclusively thankful, and start pointing out the people who really annoyed us. That’s why, to celebrate this Thanksgiving, we’re asking you who has been the biggest turkey of 2022?

It has been a year of big decisions, big personalities, and big mistakes, which should give us no shortage of turkeys to choose from. Naturally, there’s a pretty big contender at this moment in the form of Elon Musk. Long considered infallible by his fans and investors, the Tesla CEO’s decision to buy Twitter has gone pretty poorly so far and cost thousands of people their jobs, placing him high on the turkey charts.

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He’s not the only dunce we’ve encountered, though. There were countless moments of stupidity that caught less of the world’s attention. Take, for instance, the Massachusetts-based driver of a VW who somehow managed to impale their car on a pole.

I would also hate to have been the delivery driver on the U.K. island of Jersey who was behind the wheel of a Ferrari Enzo when it hopped a median and crashed into a Honda Jazz. Or maybe the biggest turkey was the Spanish car thief who ended up getting stuck on the stairs at a bus station while high on cocaine.

Once you start looking, there’s no shortage of turkeys to point to this year. What do you think, though, who was the biggest butterball of them all in 2022?


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