Have You Ever Seen A BMW M2 That Looks As Mean As This?


A new BMW M2 is just around the corner and while we’re sure it will be a great sports car, surpassing the outgoing model will be no easy feat.

From the moment it was unveiled, the first-generation M2 proved to be a hit and went on to spawn the M2 Competition and M2 CS variants. All versions are excellent with the Competition perhaps the sweet spot of the lineup. For as superb as the car is out of the box, however, it simply can’t make the same statement as this example.

This particular M2 Competition has been used by British tuner AUTOID over the past 12 months to develop new parts for the sports car. It has been fitted with the full gambit of parts and makes a particularly bold statement thanks to the Midnight Green vinyl wrap.

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The other visual upgrades made to the car are significant. They include a carbon fiber front bumper from 3DDesign as well as carbon fiber kidney grille surrounds, headlight trim, and an M2 CS style hood from TRE. Other modifications consist of carbon fiber wing mirror covers, AUTOID side skirts, an AC Schnitzer roof spoiler, TRE carbon fiber trunk lid, Aero Dyanmic carbon fiber wing, Autotecknic carbon fiber rear diffuser, and carbon fiber rear bumper inserts. The car is also sitting on forged alloy wheels and has coilovers from AC Schnitzer to drop the ride height.

Found under the hood is a Forge Motorsport charge cooler radiator, Goldenwrench charge cool cover and washer fluid cap, and an MMR Billet oil cover housing. The owner opted for Millway top mounts as well as a set of upgraded brake pads and braided lines while a titanium catback exhaust is also fitted.

Some interior tweaks have also been made, such as some extra carbon fiber trimmings, a set of Recaro Pole Position seats, carbon fiber paddle shifters, and a rear seat delete.


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