Hennepin County paramedics worry about their safety on the job; ask for help


The Star Tribune’s Andy Mannix reports Hennepin County paramedics are raising alarms and asking for support amid what they perceive as a rise in violence that’s made their jobs more dangerous. “Two blocks away from a gunfight, Dmitriy Stalmakov pulled over and looked at where a bullet had ricocheted off the back of his ambulance. If it had hit 2 inches higher, the 28-year-old paramedic doesn’t know if he’d be here to tell the story,” Mannix writes.

Bring Me the News’ Joe Nelson reports the St. Cloud hockey community is in mourning with the death of 17-year-old hockey player Charlie Boike, who died in a single-vehicle crash Saturday.

Bring Me the News’ Christine Schuster reports that the West St. Paul City Council will vote Monday on applications related to the 16,000-square-foot, 16-bed adult crisis and recovery center.

The Minnesota Daily’s Amelia Roessler reports that student activists gathered in honor of Trans Day of Remembrance.

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The Star Tribune’s Jeremy Olson  reports that a therapy group at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center is using the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons as a means to help “veterans with depression, post-traumatic stress and other disorders practice with social skills that can be barriers in real life.”

Southwest Voices’ Melody Hoffmann reports that El Jefe Cocina and Bar on Lyndale Avenue is hibernating until March 2023, a move the restaurant hopes will help it avoid closing permanently.


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