Here Are Your Best Used Luxury Sedans For Under $10,000


We recently asked you about what the best used luxury sedan is on the market right now for $10,000 or less. While that might sound like a difficult task, a number of you gave us some excellent suggestions. Here are the top choices for a great $10,000 used luxury sedan.

A few interesting choices received only one mention. They include the Acura TSX, the Saab 9-5, and the 2005 Jaguar XJ R. That’s probably the right order when it comes to reliability too.

The top American sedans were the Chrysler 300 and the Buick Lacrosse. Each one features solid reliability scores, a spacious interior, and relatively dapper styling. We called out the 300C in our original post but totally missed the boat on the Buick. At least the Chrysler spins the back wheels.

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As we predicted, the Lexus LS is a very popular choice. While we specifically like the LS430, choices range from the original LS400 all the way to the LS460 with the final V8 in the family. Having run an auto repair shop for a little I can attest that the 460 can be expensive to maintain as commenter Seats & a steering wheel points out: “watch out for the air suspension on those, money pit central.” The engine itself though is pretty bulletproof. There’s one Japanese car that flew under our radar though.

Jesko might have “won the internet” as they say with their selection of the Toyota Century. We’ll let them explain it: “Who wouldn’t want comfy wool seats, a V12 engine, outside mirrors sitting on the fenders, window curtains, and the ability to sit in the back seat and have your legs fully stretched out through a foldable area that creates a hole through the passenger seat.”

That might indeed be the best choice here but keep in mind that spare parts might require shipping them overnight from Japan. Nevertheless, it’s a really cool option with a lot of reliable components that still offer above-average luxury for its age.


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