Here’s Everything You Wanted To Know About The Manual 2023 Toyota GR Supra


The manual transmission has finally returned to the Toyota Supra and recently, we had the chance to drive the new Toyota GR Supra MT in Utah. We had time behind the wheel both on the track at Utah Motorsports Campus and on quiet streets around the track.

During that time, we asked you what you wanted to know about it. We covered a lot of the details in our full review but some of the more minute details were answers to your specific questions. Here they are.

Is anything else different other than the gearbox?

Absolutely. Both the manual and the automatic versions of the 2023 Supra get updated suspension tuning but the MT also gets new ABS and traction control programming. Additionally, there’s a cool new feature called Hairpin+ which will actually allow for more wheel slip, and potentially some drifty moments, while going uphill. There’s also an exclusive A91-MT trim which is only available with three pedals.

Does the rev-match work?

Again, yes. During our testing of the GR Supra MT, the GR Corolla was also available and far more popular. We took that extra time to really put the Supra through its paces and can confirm that auto rev-matching does a good job of emulating what a highly-skilled heel-toe downshift does.

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Of course, for those who want to do it themselves, the iMT function which controls rev-match can be switched off. We have a much more detailed explanation of the new tech in the Supra MT in our full review.

How badly does it put the Nissan Z to shame?

This is a question of taste and experience. We haven’t had the chance to drive the Z yet but we plan to in the near future. For now, what we can tell you is that the Z looks faster on paper and is considerably less expensive. Beyond that, the Supra will almost certainly be the more luxurious car to own and drive. Clearly though, BMW has quite a bit to do with that.

How bad is the rev hang?

In two words, not bad. In fact, it’s almost unnoticeable in everyday driving scenarios. The use of direct injection and what we suspect is a lot of clever programming surely assists in reducing rev hang.

Can I now get a BMW Z4 with a stick?

No – but evidently, BMW is considering it even if only for the US market. Much like the way that the Supra is only available with a stick in the 3.0 and not the 2.0, it sounds like if the Z4 gets a third pedal it’ll only be available on the M40i trim level.

Did we miss anything else that you wanted to know? Feel free to ask in the comments below!


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