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Here’s Why The Lyriq Is So Important For Cadillac’s Present And Future

Cadillac is transitioning into an electric-only brand, but that’s only part of the reason why the Lyriq is so important.

It’s no secret that Cadillac hasn’t seen much success in car-loving California, but the Lyriq is quickly reversing that trend. During a test drive last week, officials acknowledged they’ve traditionally struggled in the state, but California has already become the number one market for the Lyriq.

Furthermore, the crossover is attracting new customers as 78% of pre-orders have come from people who have never owned a Cadillac before. That’s an astonishing number and the company is undoubtedly hoping to keep those customers buying Cadillacs for decades to come.

Driven: The 2023 Cadillac Lyriq Is Music To Our Ears

That seems like a strong possibility as nearly 66% of pre-orders have come from either Gen X or Gen Y customers. This means the company has successfully attracted their target audience of people between the ages of 32 and 55 years old.

While the Lyriq already appears to be a hit, as the 2023 model sold out in four hours, the crossover wasn’t designed exclusively to increase sales. In particular, the model aims to “elevate the brand through technology and improved craftsmanship.”

The latter is immediately apparent as the Lyriq features the interior we all knew Cadillac was capable of building. It combines high quality materials with exclusive components and a massive 33-inch display. They’re joined by an assortment of special touches, which promise to surprise and delight owners.

The Lyriq’s timing is also impeccable as officials revealed high gas prices are “helping the conversation on EVs.” Unfortunately, Cadillac can’t build Lyriqs fast enough as they’re already accepting pre-orders for the 2024 model and that won’t arrive until the spring of 2023.

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