Hey Kids, Please Do Not Try This Stupid Jackass-Level Stunt At Home


The internet is filled with videos of bizarre automotive stunts but this particular one we recently came across on Reddit is one of the stupidest and most dangerous we’ve seen yet.

The video shows a BMW X5 positioned on what appears to be a series of concrete blocks, positioning it roughly five feet off the ground. A red Ford Mustang can then be seen approaching the German SUV while sitting on top of the pony car is a white box that a guy is lying on top of.

For some inexplicable reason, those involved in the stunt thought it would be a good idea to drive the Mustang underneath the X5 while the guy riding on top would slide right through the cabin of the X5 and land back on top of the Mustang.

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Surprisingly, the whole plane somehow worked. The daredevil who approached the BMW headfirst was positioned at the perfect height and smoothly slides across the back seats of the BMW. However, things didn’t go off completely without a hitch as one of the guy’s shoes was knocked off after appearing to clip one of the SUV’s rear doors.

Now, what’s the reason for doing such a stunt? Well, that’s a little more difficult to explain and may have been partially motivated by attempting to go viral online. It must have also taken quite a lot of practice to ensure that the guy wouldn’t slam headfirst into the side of the BMW.

It goes without saying, nobody should ever, ever put their life in danger like this for 5 minutes in the vine.


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