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Hobbyist Builds His Own Cybertruck Wannabe Out Of A Prius C And Takes It For A Dusty Spin


Forget all of the hype and the hyperbole surrounding the Tesla Cybertruck and you end up with a few core truths. Perhaps none of them are as clear as the fact that it has a distinctive and bold style that many love. One fan has taken that love and decided to build his own wild Cybertruck wannabe out of a Toyota Prius C and it’s pretty impressive.

You’ll find aspects of the whole build over on the YouTube channel Cyber Hooligan and the first real drive was just posted. In the video, our host and the builder of the Cybertruck wannabe details the major features of the project including how he had to cut the Prius C in half to remove the back seats.

The goal was to make a Cybertruck-esque off-roader that can carry passengers deep into the woods. To his credit, this guy has managed to pull off a very faithful front end complete with a 1/4-inch thick aluminum hood panel. Getting the proportions to look right up front was a major challenge though.

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Since the Prius C has a much larger front overhang, the owner shortened the frame and then modified the control arms in a way that would put the wheels closer to the front of the vehicle. Without that modification the proportions would be goofy, to say the least. Of course, behind the front section of the vehicle, this is very clearly nothing like the real Cybertruck.

That’s OK though because the builder didn’t give it less attention by any means. LED lighting is integrated into the roof rail as well as on the front of each rear fender for better nighttime visibility. Just behind the seats is a beautifully finished compartment for the hybrid battery system and ancillary components and further back is the cargo space. Off-road wheels and tires complete the package.

The last half of this video shows the hybrid trundling around the off-road trails of California in near-complete silence. It might not be the Cybertruck everyone seems to be waiting for but it looks like it’s at least half as fun if not more.


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