Honda Civic del Sol Mashup Dresses Like A Hypercar Thanks To Wide-Body Long-Tail Conversion


Over the years, we have seen plenty of hypercar replicas based on mainstream models, but a Honda-based build from Georgia stands out from the crowd. The reason for that is its radical widebody long-tail conversion, making it look like a mid-engined monster.

The one-off was created by a US bodyshop called RD General Auto Repair LLC. The front end features aftermarket headlights from a fifth-gen Honda Civic, a custom bumper, wide fenders, and a vented hood. The side windows might look like a Ferrari Enzo but the middle section of the body including the cabin, greenhouse, and removable roof, are sourced from a Honda (CR-X) Civic Del Sol that likely forms the front base for it all.

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The profile and the tail look kinda weird. The chassis has been stretched to the point that the wheelbase is similar to a limousine, although the two-door bodystyle is retained. The side intakes look like they originate from a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder although the upper inlets have been relocated further back. The tail has a boxy shape with unidentified recessed taillights and Lexus-style quad tailpipes. The rear deck is so long that it could comfortably fit a proper-sized pickup bed, but gets a carbon-fiber engine cover instead.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to reach the company on Facebook and Instagram in order to learn more about the underpinnings. Thus, we don’t know if the engine is located under the bonnet or if it has moved to a midship position like in the Honda NSX. In any case, we hope that it has enough punch to match its wild exterior.

The last photos of the Honda del Sol with the widebody longtail conversion were posted in 2020, and we are really impressed it hasn’t been spotted in the wild. Maybe the owner doesn’t really take it out on the streets because it is quite hard to go unnoticed.

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Photos are taken from RD General Auto Repair LLC on Facebook


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