Honda Dealer’s $8k In Markups And Add-Ons Takes All The Appeal Out Of Civic Si For One Customer


The Honda Civic Si is a very popular economy-focused hatchback. It has long been an affordable, practical, and sporty option for mainstream car buyers. One Honda dealer just demonstrated exactly how not to sell one though and it starts with some $8,000 worth of extra add-ons and markups.

Posted about over on Reddit in the R/Civic subreddit, one customer uploaded an image of a dealership financing sheet. On it we see the Market Value Selling Price (MVSP) of $27,540 with a final sale price of $38,748. The customer had a trade-in, which the dealer valued at $5,000 bringing the actual total, had the sale gone through, to $33,748.

To put that into perspective, the Civic Si’s actual Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is just $27,300. To get to this dealers price they added on a $5,000 “limited availability” fee along with a $2,995 “HPD package”, a $1,699 “Premium Protection package”, and a $999 “Honda Protection package. If anyone is wondering why the FTC is looking to get rid of junk fees, here’s your answer.

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Cap_Blueberry on Reddit

Moreover, the poster claims that the dealer wouldn’t disclose the price before they submitted personal information. They even ran his credit despite him specifically telling them not to. “I didn’t see any numbers until afterward. Had I seen this sheet earlier I would have walked away much sooner.” That’s the kind of situation the other brands like Ford seem to be trying to curtail with future plans of “no haggle” pricing.

So the original poster is officially looking elsewhere. “This was my first ever inquiry into purchasing a brand new vehicle and they absolutely ruined it,” he wrote in the thread. Evidently, he’s found a Genesis G70 3.3T in the area for less money, and that CarMax has offered him double what the dealer did for his trade-in. That sounds like a surefire way to go and exactly the opposite feeling of what Honda wants its dealers inciting.

We’ve reached out to the poster about where this dealer is and what other information they have about the situation. We’ll update this story should we hear back.


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