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Honda Dealership’s Payment Plan And Markup On Civic Type R Would End Up Costing $90k


There’s no doubt that the all-new Honda Civic Type R is a hot commodity. With that in mind, it’s no shock that some dealers are charging greedy markups on the supposedly attainable hot hatch. One Honda dealer in Florida just got caught offering a payment plan on one that would result in the prospective owner paying more than $90,000 by the end of the loan.

That dealership is Ocean Honda of Port Richey. It has a Sonic Gray 2023 Civic Type R that it’s quite proud of. It has a $20,000 “Limited Edition” markup on top of a $43,990 ‘Market Value Selling Price’ (MVSP). And just to clarify, a market value selling price isn’t a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). Though in this case, they seem to line up.

Dealers can put whatever number they want after it and many buyers don’t know the difference. In Ocean Honda of Port Richey’s case, they offered one customer the chance to pay a $20,000 down payment and then pick from three payment options, the longest of which would equate to paying $90,803. That customer subsequently posted the comical offer on Reddit.

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Now, that’s obviously only if the buyer picked a 72-month payment plan and a $20,000 down payment. If they had $30k and went for the shortest option offered by the dealer they’d “only” pay $74,168. That’s right, Ocean Honda of Port Richey would like one of its customers to pay more for a Civic Type R than it would cost them to buy a Camaro ZL1, an Audi RS3, or a Porsche 718 Cayman. What a way to earn a customer’s business…

Again, it’s worth noting that these prices are inflated due to interest rates but the dealer’s $20k markup is the real problem here. We’d give hopeful Civic Type R seekers advice on how to deal with this but we’ll let Mr_Awesome_510, the original poster, do it for us. Replying to a poster who knew the same dealership and had been contemplating doing business with them, Awesome said “Well don’t call this one haha.” We couldn’t have summed it up better.

Image Credit: Mr_Awesome_510 on Reddit


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