Honda e Limited Edition Arrives In Europe, Only 50 Units Available


Honda revealed a new version of the Honda e for the European market, dubbed “Limited Edition”. The model is exclusively available with a red exterior shade, while production will be limited to 50 units.

The Honda e debuted in production form in 2019 with a market launch in 2020, so it is natural for the automaker to unveil a special edition of some sort in order to spike customers’ interest in the urban EV. Don’t expect many changes though since the special features are limited to the exterior shade.

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More specifically, the Honda e Limited Edition is distinguished by the Premium Crystal Red exterior shade, in combination with contrasting black accents. Besides the roof, the front and rear fascia, the lower part of the bumpers/side sills, and the mirror-replacing cameras, the 17-inch alloy wheels are also painted in black. This is the first time this spec is available in the e, and it definitely suits its minimalist exterior design. There are no changes inside the cabin, where all variants of the Honda e come standard with the signature five-screen layout on the digital dashboard.

The Limited Edition is based on the Advance trim we recently drove, which means it gets the more powerful rear-mounted electric motor with 152 hp (113 kW / 154 PS) and 315 Nm (232 lb-ft) of torque. Τhe standard 35.5 kWh lithium-ion battery is offering a WLTP range of 201 km (125 miles) due to the 17-inch wheels. It will be interesting to see if Honda addresses the range-anxiety issues with a facelifted version of the e in the future, or remains loyal to the belief that small cars are better suited with smaller capacity batteries.

In order to promote the Honda e Limited Edition, the automaker brought reigning F1 champion Max Verstappen for the first ride. After driving the EV in the medieval city of Dozza in Italy prior to the Italian GP, Verstappen said: “The Honda e Limited Edition is simply lovely. It has funky looks, a compact design and is fun to drive. It’s a great electric urban vehicle.”

The Honda e Limited Edition is already available to order, with a UK price of £38,120 ($46,154), commanding a premium of £1,200 ($1,453) over the Honda e Advance it is based on. As mentioned above, only 50 units of the EV will be offered in Europe, so interested parties should hurry up.


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