Honda e:N2 Concept Unveiled In China, Could Preview A Future EV


Honda unveiled a new electric concept car in China, previewing its future production models. The Honda e:N2 Concept is a follow-up to the futuristic e:N prototypes unveiled last year, looking more refined and production-ready while incorporating the latest Honda Sensing 360 ADAS suite.

According to the automaker, the concept was built by “a team of young Chinese elites who are at the forefront of global electrification and intelligent technology and are familiar with the needs of Chinese consumers”. Styling-wise, it looks like an evolution of the e:N Coupe retaining features like the angular LED lighting units and the illuminated emblems.

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The sleek silhouette of the e:N2 Concept merges the lines between hatchbacks and sedans. Honda didn’t announce the dimensions of the vehicle but we guess that its production version could be a potential rival to EVs like the Tesla Model 3, the BYD Seal, and the China-only Toyota bZ3.

Inside, the dashboard has a simple layout with a hidden screen and touch controls combined with a head-up display. Other highlights include the rectangle-shaped steering wheel, the floating center tunnel, and the white textured upholstery covering most of the areas on the dashboard, doors, and seats. While the concept is fitted with the futuristic e:N OS, the company announced that a new generation of the Honda Connect infotainment system will be introduced in Spring 2023, featuring artificial intelligence.

The concept is based on the front-wheel drive “e:N Architecture F”, which is one of Honda’s EV-dedicated platforms that will underpin various production models in the future. We don’t have info on the power of the front-mounted electric motor or the capacity of the floor-mounted battery that are visible on the graphics. Honda says that the chassis setup combines “comfort” and “driving pleasure” giving accurate feedback to the driver.

The eN:2 is equipped with the latest Honda Sensing 360 ADAS suite that will be installed on the new CR-V and Breeze SUVs before finding its way into the entire Honda lineup by 2030. The hardware comprises a forward-looking camera and five millimeter-wave radars covering the full 360-degree angle around the vehicle with improved range and accuracy. The ADAS suite includes systems like the “Traveling Prophet” that warns drivers of approaching vehicles in intersections with limited visibility. Under certain conditions, it can autonomously change lanes on the highway and automatically reduce speed during cornering.

The Honda e:N2 Concept is showcased at the China International Import Export in Shanghai. Reading between the lines, it is possible that an evolution of this concept will be among the 10 new Honda-branded EVs set to be unveiled by 2027.


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