Honda Recalls 117,000 Ridgelines Over Backup Camera Issue Owners Have Been Complaining About For Years


Honda Ridgeline customers are finally getting a win after years of complaints claiming that the backup camera on 2017-2019 trucks fails just after the warranty period ends. The automaker has finally decided to start a recall campaign addressing the fault after a U.S. Department of Transportation investigation.

The recall affects 117,445 Honda Ridgelines made between October 29, 2015, and June 1, 2019. These vehicles are equipped with a wiring harness that may fatigue and break after multiple openings and closings of the tailgate.

If the wires break, that could lead the rearview camera to fail. Since backup cameras are required by law, and a driver’s inability to see the feed from the camera may increase the risk of an injury, Honda has been forced to issue a recall.

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According to documents filed by Honda, the RVC wire harness’s corrugated tubing is at the heart of this fault. It was designed to help guide the path of the wires running through it and protect them from stress as the tailgate opened and closed. Honda estimates that in seven percent of cases, not enough of the tubing was inserted into the harness guide, and it does not, therefore, provide sufficient protection to the wiring.

Indeed, many Honda Ridgeline owners noticed that there was an issue with the wiring harness, and at least 42 of them wrote complaints on the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Office of Defects Investigations website. The organization noted that “most of the complaints show the failure occurring just after the warranty mileage is exceeded.”

It, therefore, launched a preliminary evaluation into the defect in February of this year, to look into the severity and safety consequences of the issue. Honda, for its part, says it became aware of the issue in July 2018 and applied improvements to the production line starting on June 3, 2019. It wasn’t until the ODI investigated, though, that a recall was initiated.

Starting on January 16, 2023, Honda will reach out to owners of affected Ridgelines and ask them to return their vehicle to a nearby dealership. There, a technician will replace the wiring harness with an improved part. For those owners, meanwhile, who paid to fix this issue at their own expense, reimbursement is planned.


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