Honda S2000 Rat Rod Is A Middle Finger To Garage Queens And Auction Houses


The Honda S2000 may be an iconic sports car but that didn’t stop the owner of this particular one transforming it into a rat rod unlike any other.

This S2000 has been doing the rounds on social media as of late and was brought to life by Instagram user pepdoesit. While details about the build are limited, the results speak for themselves.

One thing we do know about the car is that the original chassis of the S2000 has been ditched in favor of one from Village Customs. This frame serves as the base for the S2000 rat rod and allows it to sit just a few millimeters off the pavement.

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The owner has also replaced the Honda’s original four-cylinder engine with what sounds like a small-capacity V8. Indeed, the sports car has undergone such a radical transformation that the only sign of it actually starting out life as an S2000 are the doors, windshield, and the rear body panels. Every other part appears to be have been changed.

For as cool as it is for the engine to be completely exposed like it is, our favorite aspect of the car are the wheels. At the front are a set of black wire wheels with thin tires while at the rear are huge black wire wheels with beefier tires that actually sit higher than the rear decklid.

Given that the body appears to be the only aspect of the S2000 that has been retained, the car certainly wouldn’t drive anything like it used to.


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A post shared by Pep Urra (@pepdoesit)


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