Hotter 2024 BMW X2 M35i Spotted Testing At Nurburgring


Our latest look at the next-generation BMW X2 is here, and this time BMW appears to be testing the higher-performance M version of the compact crossover.

As we’ve seen previously, BMW is ditching the hopped-up hatch back looks that defined the first-generation X2 with this upcoming redesign. This model, in particular, can be seen testing big wheels, big brakes, a fancy spoiler, and twin tailpipes on either side of the rear bumper. A small crack in the camouflage on the front bumper, meanwhile, suggests that it will also need to breathe more air than the last 2024 X2 we saw testing.

All of that suggests that this is the higher-performance version of the X2. We expect it to be called the X2 M35i, as it was for the last generation, but it will be interesting to see if BMW deigns to give this crossover the full X2 M treatment.

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Currently, the X2 M35i is powered by a 2.0-liter TwinPower four-cylinder engine that makes 302 hp (225 kW/306 PS) and 332 lb-ft (450 Nm) of torque. That’s the same powertrain that will reportedly be used by the X1 M35i, and is being used by the M135i and M235i Gran Coupes.

That should put the X2 M35i in competition with the likes of the Mercedes-AMG GLA35, which also makes 302 hp (225 kW/306 PS), but only makes 295 lb-ft (400 Nm) of torque. Mercedes also offers the AMG GLA45, which makes 382 hp (285 kW/387 PS) and 354 lb-ft (480 Nm) of torque.

The new X2 is expected to carry the latest X1’s dashboard unchanged

We have yet to see the interior of the new X2, but it should be similar (if not outright identical) to the latest X1. We would, specifically, expect BMW to stuff its new massive curved display inside, which consists of a 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster and a 10.7-inch infotainment screen.

An official release date has not been specified by BMW, but we anticipate that the new X2 will be unveiled in 2023 as a 2024 for North America.

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Photo credit: CarPix and S. Baldauf/SB Medien for Carscoops


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