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How Can Liquor Stores Build Customer Loyalty?


Building Customer Loyalty Through Digital Rewards Programs

75% of consumers say they favor companies that offer rewards. The more rewards you provide and the easier it is for your loyalty program members to redeem those rewards, the more they will spend at your liquor store. Building customer loyalty through a rewards program is about determining the type of rewards you can offer your loyal customers. The most basic options are point value, cash back, or access to special discounts. It is also possible to open bonus points when customers sign up for the program, which is an added incentive.

When contacting your loyalty program members, keep your messages short, easy and relevant. Although it’s a store-wide sale, your marketing should be customized for each customer, considering their personal preferences. 

Send short, easy, and relevant messages to your loyalty program members. Although it’s a store-wide sale, your marketing should be personalized to each customer, taking into account their personal preferences. For example, if you’re running a summer sale with a 10% discount on all of your store’s beers, your email marketing campaign for Michael should focus on his favorite beer, Busch Light, while Jane should receive emails about her favorite hard seltzer, White Claw. Implement your special promotions via SMS, app push notification, and additional digital marketing with the same level of personalization. 

While there are different loyalty programs, the points program is usually the most effective for a liquor store. This program is based on the “spend more to earn more” principle. Every time customers spend a certain amount of money buying liquor in your store, they are rewarded with points. Points are calculated based on the item purchased. For example, purchasing $100 worth of liquor earns the customer 10 points. These points accumulate over time and can be redeemed in the store for any item based on their point value. Reward programs are a great way to get new customers and retain existing ones.

Your liquor store can brand items such as mugs, t-shirts, or bags and give them away for free to your customers after purchasing a particular liquor brand. This can entice more people to buy the product to get the branded items; in return, you can get contacts from them.  Place the free articles on beverages that have a high-profit margin.


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