How Did This Mass Driver Impale His VW On A Walmart Parking Lot Pole?


The driver of an older generation VW Passat B4 wagon in Leicester, Massachusetts ended up in the most bizarre of positions after crashing their sedan in the parking lot of a Walmart.

Images shared to Facebook by the Leicester Police Department show the VW outside the main entrance of the Walmart and resting on a yellow pole in a no-parking area.

While the authorities didn’t reveal just how the car ended up in this bizarre position, it’s safe to assume that the driver didn’t see the pole when navigating through the parking lot at night. Damage sustained to the front of the VW indicates that the driver’s side of the front fascia is what hit the pole, smashing one of the headlights and a fog light while also causing some visible damage to the bumper and hood.

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You may also notice that the yellow pole is resting on a slight angle. The force of the VW hitting it either pushed it into this position or it may have been sitting like that before the crash and acted as a ramp in pushing the car into its final resting place. Whatever the case may be, this isn’t something you see every day.

It is unclear how the Passat was moved from this precarious position. However, if it was pushed off or towed from off the pole, it could have suffered some suspension damage from slamming back onto the pavement.

Image Karen S./Facebook


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