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How Does Weedmaps Work?: A Guide For Dispensaries

What Is Weedmaps?

Weedmaps is a publicly traded cannabis tech company based in Irvine, California, with offices in Barcelona, Denver, New York, Toronto and Tucson. As a website and smartphone application, Weedmaps acts as a database that connects marijuana users to locally available dispensaries, strains, delivery services, and more.

Much like Google Maps, a shopper can go on Weedmaps, share their location, and see all of the recreational or medical marijuana retail locations or delivery services close to them. In addition, in states where it’s legal, customers can actually order from those dispensaries right through the Weedmaps interface. 

Competitors To Weedmaps

To be sure, there are several other competitors to Weedmaps that are worth mentioning. While Leafly is an obvious challenger to Weedmaps, it actually started out as a strain reviewer and education provider. In addition, Dutchie offers product searchability, but only in conjunction with using their eCommerce platform.

It’s certainly worth shopping around to see what’s the best option for your cannabis retail business. However, keep in mind that Weedmaps was designed as a way for users to find dispensaries. Therefore, its users’ buying intent is generally much higher than any other app. 

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