How Loyalty Programs Increase Your Amusement Park Revenue


All companies must continue to learn and adapt to smarter ways of operating within their industry. One of the most effective strategies for encouraging customer retention and increased consumer spending is to implement loyalty and membership programs. This is evident from the fact that almost 83% of customers are more likely to stay faithful to an organization with a loyalty platform.

This certainly applies to amusement parks and entertainment venues. Some of the bigger players, such as Six Flag, have implemented programs where members can earn points for each ride they take on a roller coaster, or even for talking in a show. Similarly, Disney has seen the benefit of offering co-branded credit cards that earn rewards towards their parks and merchandise.

So how about your theme park? How can you find ways to increase your revenue through your membership and loyalty programs? Read on to learn more about amusement park loyalty and driving more people into your park.


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