How Much Would You Pay For A Widebody Ferrari Testarossa?


Liberty Walk knows a thing or two about tuning modern-day exotics and making them even more eye-catching and as it turns out, it can also do the same with classics, one of which is currently up for sale.

What you’re looking at is a Ferrari Testarossa, one unlike any other we have seen in the past. While fettling with a car as iconic as the Testarossa is bound to rub some enthusiasts the wrong way, there’s no denying that the finished product is bold and a real head-turner.

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The Testarossa has been listed up for sale through Goo Net, a Japanese auction site and has only been driven some 13,000 km (~8,000 miles) since leaving the Ferrari factory. While the listing doesn’t reveal when Liberty Walk got its hands on the car, it left no stone unturned in altering the exterior, crafting a bespoke widebody kit for it.

As is the norm with widebody kits like this, it includes flared front and rear wheel arches which haven’t been painted to match the red of the rest of the exterior and instead remain finished in black. These new arches aren’t the only changes made to the Ferrari as it is also rocking an extended front bumper, extended side skirts, and sits much lower thanks to an air suspension kit. Liberty Walk also crafted a custom rear diffuser for the car.

Rounding out the modifications are HID headlights, a Tubi exhaust, and a set of deep-dish gloss black wheels.

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