How to analyze on-chain data with Nansen to find your own alpha for trading and investing


CryptoSlate’s Akiba speaks to Nansen about the Terra collapse, its impact on the crypto ecosystem, how to get the most out of Nansen, and how to track on-chain wallets to see where the “smart money” is investing.

Nansen explained the relationship between the NFT market and the rest of the crypto markets. “NFT traders are looking to outperform ETH, so it pushes them to seek more trades and take on more risks,” according to Issac from Nansen.

The conversation also covered Nansen’s recent report focused on staked Ethereum and its relationship with platforms such as Celsius.

“Each chain might have its own niche” in the future, according to Daniel, a lead researcher at Nansen. He believes different layer-2s on Ethereum can bring new users to crypto by focusing on different areas such as gaming and NFTs.

Watch and listen to much more in the full interview.


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