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How To File An Insurance Claim For A Motorcycle Accident


The majority of motorcycle accidents happen this way when you least expect it. After the accident, handling the situation can be difficult. Filing an insurance claim when you’re still recovering from the physical injuries and trauma suffered during the crash can be challenging.  

However, there are various steps you can take to ensure the process of filing your claim is both smooth and efficient. If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident lately, here’s how you can file an insurance claim.

1. Report The Accident To Your Insurer Promptly

If you get into a motorcycle accident and want to file a claim, you should tell your insurance company right away. Although you’ll be recovering from emotional trauma and physical injuries after the accident, you should find a way to inform your insurer about the crash by making a call.  

Alternatively, you can seek help from a personal injury attorney or ask a family member to file the report on your behalf if your injuries are severe. Reporting the accident to your insurance firm as soon as it happens can enhance the efficiency of your claims process. Furthermore, it also demonstrates to your insurer the importance of your claim. In addition, it ensures that you don’t miss the deadline for filing an insurance claim for injuries. 

2. Gather Evidence About The Accident

The next step you need to take in filing an insurance claim for a motorcycle accident is to gather evidence of the accident. If you’re in a position to do so, take photos or videos of the scene or ask someone to help you.  

Photographic or video evidence is invaluable in determining your claim’s level of damage and compensation. Moreover, you should get the contact details of the other party and their insurance information. 

Meanwhile, if there are people who witnessed the crash, get their contacts as well. The contact information will be useful in getting more details about the accident. Essentially, gathering evidence also involves documenting your injuries and providing proof of medical treatment. 

In any personal injury case, providing evidence of injuries and medical records is the most effective way to claim hospital expenses and compensation for long-term treatment and missed work. Proper documentation of injuries and treatment also helps you prove negligence on the other party’s side, resulting in injuries.  

3. Avoid Giving Insurance Agents A Recorded Statement

After a road accident, insurance agents can use anything you say against you. When reporting a motorcycle accident to your insurance firm, you’ll be informed of call recording when talking to an agent. Be careful what you say about the severity of your injuries and the party at fault during the call.  

Naturally, insurance firms want to offer clients the lowest compensation possible. As such, they’ll try to manipulate you into acknowledging fault for the crash or minimise the level of injuries suffered. After getting a recorded statement with this information, insurance firms can use it to justify their low settlement once you file a claim.  

4. Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

The other thing you need to do to file an insurance claim for a motorcycle accident is to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. Getting a lawyer ensures that the legal procedures of filing your claim, compiling evidence, and engaging the insurance company are handled well. 

Most insurance firms deny claims after motorcycle accidents or limit personal injury amounts for victims. Working with a personal injury lawyer that’s experienced in handling insurance claims gives you a better chance of getting fair compensation for your loss and suffering. 

The lawyer can help you compile a solid compensation claim and negotiate a fair settlement for your injuries. In addition, a good lawyer can tell when an insurance firm wants to take advantage of you. Plus, they’ll protect you from getting tricked by lousy insurance practices.  

Final Thoughts  

Like any other road accident, a motorcycle crash can leave you devastated and overwhelmed by medical bills. Filing a compensation claim from your insurance firm can help ease this burden. But this isn’t always easy.  

Most insurance firms want to pay low compensation to victims as they focus on maximising profits. Nevertheless, if you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, following the steps outlined above can help you file an insurance claim successfully and get the compensation you deserve.  


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