How To Improve A Dispensary Customer Experience


Try Targeted Promotions and Loyalty Programs 

Dispensary customers want to know more about what your store is offering. This includes sales and discounts, as well as restocks and new products. In addition, shoppers love being rewarded for loyalty. 

Loyalty Programs

KORONA POS integrates with loyalty platform springbig to offer customers a comprehensive dispensary rewards program. Utilize springbig’s digital rewards wallet to show your clientele exactly what they’re on track for, giving them a big “thank you, we appreciate you” in the form of cannabis bonus points.

SMS Marketing 

Communication is key! When you check out your dispensary guests at the point of sale, offer them the ability to opt-in to text message updates. Through SMS marketing you can send shoppers segmented and targeted texts about restocked items and sales promotions based off of their purchasing patterns.

Run Inspiring Promotions

Dispensaries thrive off of running many different types of promotions. Do so with ease through your point of sale. Welcome a new shopper with a 20% coupon, encourage repeat visits with scannable QR code coupons, add in free pre-rolls with orders reaching some minimum value. KORONA POS makes it easy for dispensary retailers to both create the promotion and to track its success.


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