How To Increase Sales By Square Foot


Optimize Retail Store Layout

Designing a retail store layout that makes sense has a tremendous impact on sales. While you might think cramming as many items as possible onto your shelves is the way to go, sometimes less is more. Particularly at the entrance of the store, shoppers actually prefer not to be overwhelmed or crowded by too many items. Think balance, instead.

Reduce clutter, and allow for enough space in between aisles for customers to move freely. At the same time, depending on what kinds of products you sell, you can strategically place items near each other that make sense. This means designing appealing color gradients as well as displaying related items that work together as bundled purchases. For example, if you’re selling plants or flowers, you can stock fertilizer, soil, or a watering can in the same shelf.

Finally, impulse buys next to the checkout counter can help beef up revenue, adding on extra sales at the point of purchase.


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