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How To Keep Your Dispensary Compliant

Hiring And Educating Staff

Cannabis industry regulations generally require strict background checks. In addition, any employees that directly handle the product must be 21 or older and certified with a cannabis industry badge or license. Much like applying for and getting approval for your dispensary licensing, each budtender will have to complete their verification process before they can work at your cannabis retail shop.

Training Your Budtenders

Your dispensary can only be as good as your staff. Budtenders will be the ones interacting with customers and facilitating transactions. Therefore, they must be aware of the rules and regulations that exist in the dispensary world and understand all necessary compliance on the retail side of your operations. Make sure that they are aware of what they are allowed to suggest and to notice any irregularities or inappropriate behavior from guests.

Consider Compliance Officer

If you are big enough, think about hiring a compliance officer to guarantee that your shop is operating within all guidelines. While smaller shops might not have the capital or necessity for such a role, larger-scale operations and multi-location retailers should consider investing in this type of manager to avoid any shutdowns, costly disruptions in business operations, or, in the worst case, heavy fines/store closure.

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