How To Offer Free Holiday Shipping to Improve Christmas Sales


How To Offer Free Holiday Shipping: Wrapping Up

There are many creative ways to increase your company’s sales during the holiday season. And among them, free shipping is one of the surest ways to turn dubious consumers into your brand ambassadors. Although supply chain issues will persist throughout 2022 due to the pandemic, you can work to overcome these challenges to make this holiday season the most memorable. 

Additionally, partnering with an experienced online fulfillment provider will give you great wholesale shipping rates with major and regional carriers, meaning you no longer have to choose between free shipping offers and profitability this holiday season. This is an option you can consider as well.

Free shipping isn’t the only value proposition to offer your customers. Shoppers are looking for the perfect gifts. They will shop in-store, online, and across all channels. Make it easy for them to buy what they want. Optimizing the checkout process saves customers a lot of frustration during the shopping season. Most online shoppers in the U.S. abandon their baskets due to a lengthy, complicated, and not transparent enough checkout process. 

By keeping the process simple, fast, and reliable, your business won’t be bogged down by complaints about checkout. A better checkout experience, whether online or in a physical store, requires sophisticated point-of-sale software to synchronize data between your stores. Should you wish to upgrade your POS system, click on the button below to learn more about KORONA POS.


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