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How to Organize a Wine Tasting Event


Pick a Theme For Your Tasting Event

Discussing the types of wines you want, setting parameters, and choosing a motif are probably the first things you should do to organize a wine tasting. Many tastings are conducted to demonstrate the similarities and differences between products. There are several theme ideas for an intimate and fun wine tasting experience. 

For example, you can try to test your guests’ palates by withholding the price of the wine variety you are offering for tasting. By simply tasting, your guests should determine which wine is worth $40 and which is worth $10, or maybe they won’t. Doing a blind tasting might help open your customers’ eyes to a more affordable wine you offer. 

If you’re tasting spirits and you use a bourbon, for example, you can build a theme around age, mash composition, flavor grains, alcohol content, region, small batches, single casks, limited releases, etc. Of course, you can also use a tasting to demonstrate a range of considerations, qualities, or brands. The most essential thing in choosing a theme is to pick something that fits your audience and their expectations for the tasting event.


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