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How To Transfer Your PPF Account To Another Branch Or Bank?


How To transfer PPF Account From One Bank To Another or Post-Office To A Bank or Vice Versa? 

Step 1: Visit your existing bank branch or post, and do not forget to carry your PPF passbook.
Step 2: In your home branch, fill out a form and submit a transfer application form. The transfer application form will include the complete address of the new bank branch or post office.
Step 3: Once you submit the transfer request, your current bank, bank branch or post office branch will begin the transfer process. Also, for a hassle-free experience, do not forget to obtain the transfer request receipt.
Step 4: Your existing branch will then send the following documents to the new branch:

 (1) Original account opening application form

(2) Nomination form

(3) Certified copy of the account

(4) Existing PPF passbook

(5) A demand draft or cheque of the outstanding balance

(6) Specimen of your signatures

Step 6: Once the new bank or post-office branch receives your documents, you’ll be informed. At the new bank branch, you’ll be required to submit a fresh PPF account opening form and nomination, if there is any change.

Step 7: You’ll be required to complete the KYC process and need to submit a PAN copy, personal identity proof and address proof.

The PPF transfer process from one bank to another or bank to the post office takes up to a month.


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