HVS Gets UK Government Funding For Hydrogen Truck With Autonomous Tech


A British company by the name of Hydrogen Vehicle Systems (HVS) has received £15 million ($17.8 million) in funding from the UK Government’s Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) to help bring a hydrogen fuel cell-powered truck to the market.

HVS unveiled a prototype of its large truck in November that will ultimately spawn a 40-tonne zero-emission Heavy Goods Vehicle for the market. In addition to receiving government support, HVS has announced a partnership with Fusion Processing for an advanced semi-autonomous driving system that will be used in the truck.

Fusion Processing will first provide HVS with a collision avoidance system that will enhance safety by detecting objects including Vulnerable Road Users (cyclists and pedestrians) near the vehicle. The system can also take evasive action to avoid a collision if needed and also uses radar and cameras to replace ordinary mirrors. In addition, Fusion Processing has a situational awareness system that will assist HSV’s predictive energy management system, helping to reduce vehicle energy usage and extend the truck’s range.

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Government funding will support 50 per cent of the project’s estimated £30 million ($35.9 million) total cost. The project also includes Grayson and PNDC, a commercial arm of Strathclyde University specialising in power electronics.

“Supporting vital research and development in the UK, now more than ever, provides an opportunity to invest in transport decarbonisation as well as boost growth in the automotive sector,” APC chief executive Ian Constance said. “In this period of massive innovation and disruption, there is an opportunity for people to come through with new ideas. For that to work, you have to be out in front, keep very focused, build a great team, and have good support. That is all here at HVS. I think this will be another great UK innovation and manufacturing success story we are proud to be part of.”

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