In the week before Election Day, where are you turning?


Mailers are dropping in mailboxes. Pollsters are ringing voters. Candidates are debating. Campaigns are texting (relentlessly). Ready or not, we’re hurtling toward Election Day.

As the big day approaches, the MinnPost newsroom is hard at work making sure Minnesotans are prepared to vote and understand the issues at play. We’re not here to give you a play-by-play of every candidate blunder or mean tweet. Instead, we’re looking into the critical issues and how election outcomes might affect life in our state. What happens if the balance of power changes at the state house? Which issues are affecting the governor’s race? Why are political trends shifting in the Iron Range? Who considers abortion to be a top voting issue? How are crime and public safety influencing the attorney general campaigns?

Our nonprofit newsroom depends on our readers (like you!) to explore these significant questions. There’s just a week until Election Day. If you’re finding yourself turning to MinnPost to prepare for the big day, will you support this independent coverage with a tax-deductible gift or any amount right now?


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Our reporting doesn’t stop on Nov. 8. The results of these contests will impact the state for years to come. You can help ensure we have the resources to continue covering these ongoing issues into 2023 and beyond. Will you join us?


Sometimes people tell us they don’t think their donation will matter because it’s small. But it does! Gifts of all sizes are the foundation of our nonprofit newsroom. Will you give to MinnPost in ANY amount right now to support this important work?

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