India Will Emerge A Relative Winner From Current Global Situation: JPMorgan’s Leo Puri


Puri termed India’s foreign policy as “highly purposeful, not reactive and probably the most mature execution of foreign policy we have seen in a long time”.

He expects it to enable the country to build new partnerships in terms of intellectual property transfer and capital transfer, he said.

According to him, India will emerge as one of the relative winners from the current global situation.

In terms of capex, he considers government-led commitment to investments in infrastructure and certain projects as a positive start.

“The government needed to rebalance between revenue and capex. A lot of the money the government has committed is good money; it has been fairly responsible in the way it has been utilised in order to stimulate economy and create jobs,” Puri said.

If India stays on course intelligently playing the macros and geopolitics, and the government’s commitment to rebuilding trust with the business community sustains—which includes removing irritants around ease of doing business—the “animal spirits” should revive and we are well-equipped to support growth, he said.


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