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India’s Largest Rollout of Medicinal Cannabis Dispensing Clinics – Episode 15 (Abhishek Mohan)

India’s Largest Rollout of Medicinal Cannabis Dispensing Clinics – Episode 15 (Abhishek Mohan)

Join us as we speak with Abhishek Mohan, Founder & CEO of Hempstreet. Learn the connections of medical cannabis in regards to Ayurvedic formulations and the benefits for a patient centric approach.

Audio Podcast on: https://anchor.fm/hempfoundation/episodes/Indias-Largest-Rollout-of-Medicinal-Cannabis-Dispensing-Clinics-Episode-15-e1hgeup

About Abhishek Mohan

Abhishek has been part of sunrise industries his whole career. Over the last 15 years he has been part of the online games, data security, venture builder and fintech space and seen ventures go from seed to public listing across south east asia, India and Japan.

Abhishek is the Founder & CEO of Hempstreet, which is India’s first and largest research to retail venture in the medical cannabis space. The company is now in the midst of the largest rollout of medical cannabis dispensing clinics and its network currently stands at over 9100 clinics across 25 states. Hempstreet has also recently won the coveted BIG grant from BIRAC (the first ever medical cannabis company to win) for the development of a “world first” novel transdermal delivery technology for cannabinoids. Previous winners were biotech stalwarts like Bharat Biotech who developed one of the key covid-19 vaccines. Hempstreet is taking the fight to mass ailments utilizing responsibly dispensed cannabis based medication.

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