India’s No 1 casino equipment maker now aims for $11.13 billion global market


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While poker is now topping the popularity charts in India as a game of skill and strategy, India is also fast becoming a global hub for poker and other casino gaming equipment thanks to one innovative Indian company.

Many of these products—from cards to high-tech chips to gaming tables—could only be imported just a few years ago. But thanks to CasinoKart, Baazi Games’ e-commerce arm for poker and other casino gaming equipment, players in India now have access to world-class gaming equipment at great prices. Whether you play during Diwali parties at home or a professional casino on the high seas off Goa, chances are you will be using CasinoKart products for your game.

The company now produces over 180 products in the category, ranging from chips to casino tables to gaming chairs, gaming desks, and gaming stations. A focus on high quality, alongside brilliant product finishing, is a hallmark of CasinoKart products. This focus on quality and breadth of product offerings has made the brand the number-one manufacturer of casino products in India.

The journey from a net importer to a net exporter

When CasinoKart entered the business, product standardization was a non-existent concept in the space. While Indians wanted to play poker to have a great time with family and friends, getting the right playing equipment was a pain point, not just from an availability perspective but also from a quality perspective. CasinoKart started importing foreign brands but soon realised they could not maintain consistent quality for imported products. The same casino table imported in different batches used to come with wildly differing quality standards, which could disappoint customers. And locally made products didn’t make the mark either.

To solve the challenge once and for all, CasinoKart invested in its production unit in 2019. Quality and consistency could be maintained with in-house manufacturing, and innovative designs and materials could also be made available to discerning customers. Once Indian users saw what CasinoKart had on offer, they quickly ditched low-quality imported goods and moved to CasinoKart’s high-quality, made-in-India products. Retail consumers can buy a wide range of products through e-commerce marketplaces and the website.

CasinoKart has also become the supplier of choice to most casinos in India, making the brand a leader in the B2B space too. This has made the company a success from an Atmanirbhar Bharat perspective—even high-tech poker security chips, which had to be earlier imported from countries such as China, are now made in India. CasinoKart aims to make India self-sufficient when it comes to casino products in the next one to two years.


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