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Infamous British Water Crossing Continues To Kill Cars


The Rufford Mill Ford in Nottinghamshire, UK has become a hotspot for locals to test the water-fording abilities of their vehicles, attracting onlookers and millions of viewers online in recent months.

The area in question is particularly prone to flooding and water at the ford can reach up to about 1.5 feet. While that’s not particularly deep for many off-roaders, it is far too deep for most passenger cars and has killed more than its fair share of engines.

One YouTuber by the name of Tom Sunderland operates a YouTube channel where he films cars venturing through the Rufford Mill Ford. He has more than 100 videos of local motorists trying to drive through the water, many of which attract hundreds of thousands of views.

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In Sunderland’s most recent video, a BMW 3-Series was the first vehicle that fell victim to the water crossing. Soon after hitting the water, a large wave covers the hood of the car. The engine immediately starts to screech and soon after pulling out from the Ford, the car turns off. After multiple attempts, the owner was able to turn on the engine and creep away from the scene but in the process, only ended up causing more damage to the engine.

In the same video, a blue Bentley Bentayga performs much more valiantly, breezing through the water without any issues. A small Vauxhall hatchback then follows but much like the BMW before it, water quickly found its way into the engine bay and was sucked through the intake and into the engine.

Some locals with more suitable vehicles appear to have plenty of fun with the ford, driving through it at high-speed to splash those watching on. However, driving too fast often rips off bumpers and other parts.



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