Insane Nissan Z Markups Exceeding $50,000 Over MSRP Frustrate Consumers


Dealer markups are sadly not a thing of the past. We’ve talked about them many times here and even highlighted Nissan Z markups on numerous occasions. Despite the negative effect such greedy business practices have on the manufacturer and consumer they’re still running rampant and it could harm Nissan badly.

A post on The New Nissan Z Facebook page featuring a dealer with a “$60,000 market adjustment” on a Z went viral yesterday. The photo that sparked almost 500 comments shows a total price of $129,999. While the MSRP isn’t shown in the photo, a little bit of math puts it somewhere north of $65,000 which is already a lot higher than what Nissan lists the Z Proto Spec without options at on its website ($52,990).

Not only did the dealer in question, Scott Evans Nissan, confirm to Carscoops that the price was real but one of the employees there, Skylar Evans, confirmed the price on the same post. It’s not the only dealer out there brazenly asking for nearly double what Nissan preps its customers to pay for though.

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Another dealer, HGregg Nissan in Puente Hills, California has a $50,000 markup on a Z with an MSRP of just $54,915. Its total price is $107,700. An associate named Kyle at HGregg Nissan told Carscoops that “All vehicles are going to have a markup right now… that’s what the market will support on this one. It might be the only one we get all year.” That line about it being such a limited-production car seems to be popular.

On the forum many users are reporting a similar trend with other dealers. “Found a blue/blue automatic Performance… and salesman called me and told me out of the gate there’s a $30k markup stating “it’s a Performance and the only one I’m getting,” said one post.

It might be easy to brush these markups off as the new price of doing business but there’s real potential for damage to Nissan’s brand image and sales of the Z overall. One poster put it this way; “Nissan dealerships in the US are going to ensure this car fails.” If customers expect the car to sell for the MSRP that Nissan spends thousands advertising only to find out that dealers have priced them out, that won’t reflect well on Nissan. Take one quick stroll through Nissan Z online groups and forums and it’s clear, interested customers are frustrated with the situation.

Image Credits ; Justin Chien, Dustin Mckeehan, Skylar Evans on Facebook



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