Interview with Hemp Leaders and Advocates Around the World – Episode 11 ( Paul Benhaim )


How Paul Benhaim Created a Billion Dollar Hemp Company

Join us on Hemp Foundation TALKS! as we learn insights from a top hemp industry leader, Paul Benhaim.

Audio Podcast: https://anchor.fm/hempfoundation/episodes/How-Paul-Benhaim-Created-a-Billion-Dollar-Hemp-Company-Episode-11-e1go3cg

About Paul Benhaim

Paul was born in London, UK and is now Living in Mullumbimby, Australia

Paul discovered the nutritional qualities of Hemp seed while in Canada (1991) and this led to travelling the world searching for answers as to why this ‘eco-wonder plant’ was not being widely accepted.

He created his own ‘chocolate bar’ based on hemp seed. Upon reaching supermarket level acceptance he considered the product a success (the best selling health food bar in supermarkets) and moved on to create a range of other food products, including Hemp Milk, Hemp Ice Cream, Hemp Bread and more, for various companies. These products continue to be successful.

Paul also developed a commercial Hemp based plastic as an alternative to mainstream petrochemicals. This environmentally friendly alternative is now being used in a number of products.

Skills in promoting and marketing a sensitive, not-well-known product to the mainstream have proved valuable in Paul’s projects including founding a number of businesses; authoring 9 books; producing two music CDs and a TV pilot / DVD called Not The Cooking Show.

Working in Australia in the hemp industry and as a manager of a luxury health spa led Paul to his goal to create a truly sustainable health retreat/business/community centre and he has been accumulating knowledge to this end throughout his career.

Higher Nature was next.

Founder of Zeo International (formerly Zelfo Australia) and founder of the not-for-profit NGO Common Unity Foundation where Paul assists those with a vision of setting up community.

He also founded the Southern Hemisphere’s largest hemp food production company Hemp Foods Australia in 1999 and brought it through to legislative changes in 2017 as CEO

Also co-founder and CEO of Elixinol LLC, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of whole plant CBD hemp oil (low THC) bulk, OEM and branded products.

Also, CEO of Elixinol Global Limited (ASX: EXL) from inception, through IPO – growing the company from $100m to over $1/2billion.

Paul is Now Chairman of The Hemp Plastic Company and Non-Exec. Director Elixinol Global.

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