Interview with Hemp Leaders and Advocates Around the World – Episode 9


Vital importance of Hemp Logistics with Kevin Schultz, Co-Founder and President of The 357 Company

Join Hemp Foundation TALKS! As we speak with Kevin Schultz.  

Kevin is an expert and pioneer on moving hemp at large.  From a logistical standpoint a lot of hemp entrepreneurs may miss this key factor in the supply chain.  Kevin sheds some light on key issues that every hemp entrepreneur must know in order to deliver their goods in the safest and most efficient way.

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About Kevin Schultz

Kevin is the Co-Founder, President of The 357 Company – on a mission to disrupt the status quo in logistics and create “best in class” hemp logistic solutions while educating and advocating for the entire hemp supply chain as the industry scales.

The 357 Company has pioneered the standard operating procedures for the logistics component of the hemp supply chain.  Since 2019 – the 357 Hemp Logistics division has built a trusted reputation within the hemp industry by providing fully insured logistics solutions the industry can truly count on.  In 2021 – the company launched its 357 Kerbsyde division to provide a direct to consumer solution for vaporizers and e-cigs.

Before co-founding The 357 Company, Kevin Schultz served as Vice President at Verano Holdings LLC, a vertically integrated company of medical and recreational cannabis licences. In that role, he had a strong focus on the entire supply chain while ensuring compliance and production goals were being strategically planned to supply the market with consistent and safe products.

Prior to Verano, he designed and built out the B2B wholesale divisions in Illinois and New York for PharmaCann LLC – also a national vertical cannabis operator.  Both states were highly regulated by strict medical cannabis laws that required compliant transportation standard operating procedures to safely deliver products to dispensaries.

Prior to his career in medical cannabis and hemp – Kevin founded and operated several businesses including those specializing in the distribution of implantable medical devices to surgeons and operational efficiency software to hospital C-suites and operating rooms across America.  Kevin earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing Sales from Northern Illinois University.

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