Interview with Hemp Leaders and Advocates Around the World – Episode13 (Caleb Kauffman)


Interview with Hemp Leaders and Advocates Around the World – Episode13 (Caleb Kauffman)

Hemp Farming in Amish Country with Caleb Kauffman

Hop on for a quick chat with Caleb Kauffman of Lancashire Farm as we hold space for the community of small farmers, the heart of the hemp industry.  

Caleb has been leading with bringing transparency to the marketplace from costs of farming to cost of isolates into the larger market. He is on a quest to stand up for fair compensations that is sustainable for supporting further growth of the farmer and the industry as a whole.

Audio Podcast: https://anchor.fm/hempfoundation/episodes/Hemp-Farming-in-Amish-Country-with-Caleb-Kauffman-Episode-13-e1hbhi5

About Caleb Kauffman

Caleb Kauffman, was born and raised in the rolling hills of Lancaster county.  

Caleb’s passion for hemp comes from his own life experiences. In his thirties he was diagnosed with PTSD from childhood sexual trauma. Since remembering this over 20 years later in life he has been on an intense journey of love, acceptance, venerability, perseverance, and a belief that at the very source of it all, that it is good. 

Cannabis has changed his life. He first started using CBD and THC a couple of years ago and immediately noticed the improvements in his mental life. At the same time Caleb started going to counseling to work through the trauma. Together with cannabis and counseling he began the beautiful journey of healing. 

Caleb’s heart is to grow hemp flowers with love and care because that is how cannabis has cared for him. His goal is to help save the planet with hemp.  He truly believes that this plant can completely change our life and how we interact with nature. Caleb has found a sacred work in being passionate about the cannabis plant. His hope is to grow some of the best hemp flower around and help others find healing in the process.

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