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The internet isn’t just English anymore.

Consumption of content in regional languages has grown exponentially in India over the past few years amid some of the cheapest data rates globally.

This democratisation of access to digital content over the smallest screen, the smartphone, has broken down language barriers—be it in audio, video or text—thus bringing together a nation where dialects change every 15-20 km or so. And the Indian is on the move, keeping pace with the fastest-growing major economy—now the fifth largest in the world.

Quintillion Business Media Pvt. has launched —a video-led platform that aims to take business news from India’s financial capital to the heartland. The website seeks to deliver compelling multimedia content with three core tenets: credibility, utility and actionable advice.

“Even with the plethora of business content, the Hindi business news audience continues to remain underserved. BQ Prime Hindi aims to set the balance right,” BQ Prime CEO Anil Uniyal said in a statement. “The ‘Bharat’ of today is young, ambitious and confident. BQ Prime Hindi mirrors that in its core values and promise to audiences.”

With its team of journalists, BQ Prime Hindi will provide news with context and explain its implications on a nation of 140 crore people. The goal is to become the main destination for Hindi business and financial news in India.

Our main areas of coverage are:

  • Corporate News: As of April 2022, India had 166 billionaires leading some of the biggest enterprises on the planet. BQ Prime Hindi will bring to you the latest from their boardrooms as well as factory floors.

  • Market News: The Dalal Street is scaling new peaks, even as its global peers struggle amid myriad geopolitical overtures. We try to make sense of the highs—and the lows—and its impact on your investments.

  • Personal Finance: Indians are increasingly getting sophisticated in the way they invest their hard-earned money, so much so that mutual fund SIPs rose to the highest in October. We advise you on the best investment avenues for the maximum potential returns.

Those aside, we will bring to you unbiased coverage of politics and policy, the happenings at India’s startup ecosystem and technology space, and stories on women, society, lifestyle and travel.

Welcome to BQ Prime Hindi, where money speaks your language. You can access the website at .


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