Is The Murcielago SV Lamborghini’s Most Special Modern V12 Supercar?


As we eagerly await the arrival of Lamborghini’s new V12 supercar to replace the Aventador, we have stumbled across one of the most desirable V12 Lamborghini models ever produced, which is also looking for a new home.

We’re talking of course talking about the Lamborghini Murcielago SV. While the newer Aventador SVJ has a lot more power and even more extreme styling, the Murcielago SV is significantly rarer. In fact, whereas some 1,700 examples of the Aventador SVJ and Aventador SVJ Roadster were produced, Lamborghini only ever built 186 examples of the Murcielago SV.

This particular Murcielago SV has been listed for sale through Bring a Trailer and is being sold with a clean Carfax report, and British Columbia registration.

Like most other Murcielago SV models produced, the car features the Aeropack rear wing and large SuperVeloce decals on the rear quarter panels. It also features carbon fiber across the front splitter, side air intakes, and rear diffuser. The supercar also retains the original 18-inch black wheels wrapped in 245/35 front and 335/30 rear Pirelli P Zero Rosso tires.

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Found in the cabin are lightweight sport bucket seats clad in black Alcantara, a material that also adorns the dashboard, center console, and headliner. Various other components are trimmed in carbon fiber, such as the steering wheel, center console, door panels, and sill guards. A plaque mounted between the seats reveals that this SV is #55.

The car is mostly stock but does feature some modifications. These include an aftermarket carbon fiber steering wheel, Eurocharged Performance Canada engine management software for the 6.5-liter naturally-aspirated V12, a VelocityAP exhaust system, and primary cat-bypass pipes.

Given the rarity of the Murcielago SV, there’s a good chance it will prove to be more valuable than the Aventador SV and SVJ models in the decades to come.

Images via Bring a Trailer


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