Is This What Tuners Will Do With The BMW XM?


This article contains renderings by ildar_project that are neither related to nor endorsed by BMW.

The BMW XM is one of the most outlandish SUV’s launched in recent memory and could serve as the base for some pretty remarkable tuning projects.

From the factory, the standard BMW XM delivers 644 hp and 590 lb-ft (800 Nm) of torque from its combination of a 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 and an electric motor bolted inside the eight-speed automatic transmission. Next year, a flagship Label Red variant with 735 hp and 735 lb-ft (997 Nm) will hit the market. These are some serious figures but for those companies looking to make a statement, won’t be enough.

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These renderings come courtesy of talented designer ildar_project on Instagram and depict an XM that would be perfectly fitting of wearing a Mansory badge. Indeed, you could be excused for thinking this was indeed an official project from Mansory.


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First is the color. As if the exterior design of the XM isn’t already outlandish enough, the designer has adorned the hybrid SUV’s skin in a bright shade of yellow that really catches the eye. The paint is then contrasted by a variety of forged carbon fiber parts, starting at the front end with the splitter, air intake shrouds, and racing stripes running over the hood.

The forged carbon accessories continue along the sides of the BMW, most notably with the widened wheel arches, new skirts, and the window surrounds. Rounding out the modifications are a set of aftermarket wheels, a roof-mounted spoiler, tailgate-mounted spoiler, and a bold rear diffuser with a Formula 1-inspired rain light.


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