It Ain’t Pretty, But Someone Did A Crafty Job Fusing A Honda Civic Coupe With A Nissan Frontier


What do you do when you buy a coupe and then need more space to carry your equipment to work? The most common solution is to trade it for a pickup, but a Honda owner opted for the hard way, integrating a bed at the back of his Civic.

The bespoke pickup is based on a sixth-gen Honda Civic (1995-2000). Unlike other conversions which include cutting the roof and compromising interior space, this one retains the entire greenhouse and most of the body panels of the donor car. This means that despite the two-door pickup bodystyle, it still has the stock four-seater cabin.

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The side view reveals the extent of the modifications that are focused at the back. The rear bed comes from a first-gen Nissan Navara / Frontier, complete with the tailgate, taillights, chrome-plated bumper, and toolbox. This makes for the longest rear overhang we have seen for a while, resembling a school bus. The rear panels are smoothly integrated into the Civic’s bodywork, but the extravagant proportions make it look very unconventional.

The Civic truck with the heavily tinted windows was spotted in a parking lot by Rob Levinson who shared it on Facebook group called Front And Rear End Swaps. A quick search on the net revealed that the vehicle nicknamed “Dragon Fly” was spotted five years ago in Georgia by a Reddit user.

Interestingly, this is not the first time we see a Honda Civic-based pickup conversion. Last year we saw a two-door pickup based on the sixth-generation hatchback, while in 2018, Honda built its own Civic Type R pickup called “Project P” that was based on the 10th-generation hatchback.

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